Wilson Pickett – In the Midnight Hour

Accordi e testo di In the Midnight Hour di Wilson Pickett
Pubblicato 1965
Tonalità originale A



D        B        A        G
E  A    E A
Verse 1:

(A)                E                  A                  E        A
I’m gonna wait till the midnight hour
.                              E                    A                 E    A
That’s when my love comes tumblin’ down
.                     E                         A           E
I’m gonna wait ‘til the midnight hour
.                        E            A          E       A
When there’s no one else around
.                     B                           A
I’m gonna take you girl and hold you
.         B                              A
And do all the things I told you
.                             E        A
In the midnight hour

.         E            A          E    A
Yes I am, oh, yes, I am

D        B
(One more thing I wanna say right here)

I’m gonna wait ‘til the stars come out
And see that twinkle in your eyes
I’m gonna wait ‘til the midnight hour
That’s when my love begins to shine
You’re the only girl I know
That really loves me so
In the midnight hour
Oh, yeah, in the midnight hour

D        B

(Yeah!   All right – play it for me one time now)


Coda:    [repeat E-A chord progression as per verse]

Just you and I…  oh, baby, hah!
Just you and I… nobody around, baby, just you and I
All right… you know what?
I’m gonna hold you in my arms…
Just you and I, oh yeah
In the midnight hour
Oh, baby, in the midnight hour [fade]