Madness – My Girl

Guitar chords and lyrics of My Girl by Madness
Published 1979
Original key C#m

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Capo fourth fret

Am F Dm Em G
Am F Dm Em G


Am                       F
My girl’s mad at me.
Am                   Dm
I didn’t wanna see the film tonight.
Am                        F
I found it hard to say.
Am                            Dm
She thought I’d had enough of her.


C       C/B         Am
Why can’t she see,
Dm     Em7        G
She’s lovely to me?
C     C/B            Am
But I like to stay in,
.       G         F   Am     Dm
And watch TV on my own
Dm7                   G
Every now and then.


Am                       F
My girl’s mad at me
Am                                           Dm
Been on the telephone for an hour
Am                          F
We hardly said a word
Am                               Dm
I tried and tried, But I could not be heard


C      C/B         Am
Why can’t I explain?
Dm            Em7      G
Why do I feel this pain?
C               C/B     Am
Cos every-thing I say,
.                    G         F
She doesn’t understand,
Am               Dm
She doesn’t realise.
.                  Dm7                G
She takes it all the wrong way.

Am F Am Dm
Am F Am Dm


Am                       F
My girl’s mad at me.
Am                            Dm
We argued just the other night.
Am                               F
I thought we’d got it straight,
Am                             Dm
We talked and talked until it was light

C   C/B                Am
I thought we’d agreed,
Dm Em7               G
I      thought we’d talked it out.
C              C/B          Am
Now when I try to speak,
.                     G         F
She says that I don’t care,
.       Am               Dm
She says I’m unaware,
.  Dm7                             G
And now she says I’m weak.

Am F Dm Em G Am


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