Spandau Ballet – Through The Barricades (ITA)

Accordi chitarra e testo di Through The Barricades degli Spandau Ballet
Pubblicato 1986
Tonalità originale G

I testi e gli accordi delle canzoni contenuti nel sito sono proprietà dei rispettivi autori.
La Legge n. 159 del 22 maggio 1993 ne consente l’uso solo per attività didattica, di studio e di ricerca.
Gli autori potranno richiederne la rimozione in qualsiasi momento.
L’interpretazione degli accordi è frutto di un mio lavoro individuale.


G                         Em                        Bm7    C                        Em
No they doesn’t know where love is gone, she say’s it must be
.                   F                          C        G               Em
youth that keeps the feeling strong. I see a little face
.                   Bm7     C                    Em                                F
that’s turn to wize, and when she smile’s she shows the line’s
.              D
of sacrefice.

.                  C                        D                       G                 Em
And now I know what they sayin’ there’s a sun begins to fade.
.              C                        Am     C               D                 G
And we made our love on waste land and through the barricades

G            Em              Bm7     C                   Em                      F
Father made my history, he fought for what he thought but set
.                    C           G                           Em          Bm7   C
us somehow free. He tought me what to say in school, I learned
.       Em                 F                         D
it of by heart but now that’s torn in two.

.                 C                       D                     G               Em
And now I know what they sayin’ in the music of the parrade.
.              C                          Am     C             D                      G
And we made our love on waste land and through the barrigade.

G                Em                 Bm7       C           Em                F
Born on differend side’s of live, we fear the same and feel
.                  C    G               Em                  Bm7    C        Em
all of this streif. So come to me when I’m asleep, we’ll cross
.                    F                             D
the lines and dance upon the streets.

.                     C                    D                          G                  Em
And now I know what they sayin’ as the drums begins to fade.
.              C                          Am     C           D                         G
And we made our love on waste land and trough the barricades.

F      C                                  G                               F
Oh turn around and I’ll be there. Oh there’s a skylight
.                    C                               G          F
through my heart without barry the gate. Oh I thought we were
.                   C                                G                                    Em
the human rase but we were just another borderline case. And
.       C                                                                                      D
the stars reached out and touch, but there’s allways one escape

G                  Em                        Bm7    C                           Em
Oh I don’t know when love was gone. But in this troubled land
.             C                      D                  G     Em          Bm7    C
desperation keeps us strong. The finest child is ruth so hard.
.                  Em                            C                    D
with nothing left to loose there’s everything to go.

.                    C                      D                             G
And now I know what they sayin’ it’s a terrible beauty we’ve
Em       C                                     Am     C             D                         G
made. So we make our love on waste land and through the barricades

.                     C                    D                            G
And now I know what they sayin’ as our hearts go to their
Em         C                                      Am     C                    D
grave’s. and we made our love on waste land oh and through the
.    G