Status Quo – Whatever You Want

Guitar chords and lyrics of Whatever You Want by Status Quo
Published 1979
Original key D

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.                       D
Whatever you want
D          D5             D
Whatever you say
You pay your money
You take your choise
.                           A
Whatever you need
.    D                 A
Whatever you use
.                          D
Whatever you win
D          D5             D
Whatever you loose

D              D5       D
You´re showing of
You´re showing out
You look for trouble
Turn around, give me a shout
.               A
I take it all
You squeeze me dry
.                     D
And now today
You couldn´t even say goodbye

F                              C
I could take you home
.                               D                 F – D
On the midnight train again
F                              C                 B          E – A
I could make an offer you can´t refuse